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Going The Extra Step With Crown Molding

Going The Extra Step With Crown Molding

Are you looking for a quick-fix solution that makes your home value go up then go the extra step with Crown Molding? 

The key is to get elegant, high-quality moldings, and to make sure they are installed professionally. This way, you will be able to enjoy the new addition to your rooms, and you will also see the marketability of your home when you go to sell it.

Function or Decorative

The reason for moldings, in the beginning, was to cover gaps where different building materials came together and made gaps or cracks. Over time, crown moldings became more decorative. Crown molding help lift the space, drawing your eye up to making the ceilings feel higher or draw your eye way from eyesore elements in your home.

Types of Crown Molding

Plaster: Traditionally, crown moldings are made of plaster. With plaster molding, you can keep repeating the pattern, which is easier to then with wood.

Wood: It can also be an excellent material for crown molding because it’s easier to install and maintain. Also, you will not have issues with the wood cracking as you do with plaster.

Composite: Crown molding made of a composite is by far the easiest to install. These moldings are modeled after plaster styles, are lightweight, flexible, and impervious to moisture and insects. 

Painting or Not to Paint

Painting the crown molding the same color as the walls can make the ceiling seem taller. The molding can match the ceiling or be painted a shade that’s different from either the walls or ceiling. 

What Size Crown Molding

You want to look at your baseboards and door/window trim to determine the right scale for your crown molding. The crown molding should be the same height as, or slightly smaller than, the baseboard. If you are going to upgrade to add crown molding and you have little 3-inch baseboards, you’ll want to replace those also with deeper ones.

8-foot-high ceilings, the crown height should be 2½ to 6 inches

9-foot ceilings, 3 to 7½ inches

10-foot ceilings, 3½ to 8 inches

Where to Place Crown Molding

Traditionally, the crown was incorporated into rooms, such as entry foyers, dining rooms, and parlors. The size would remain consistent from one first-floor entertaining space to the next. By contrast, a smaller, less elaborate crown was generally used for private spaces—a powder room or bedroom. A situation where you don’t want to use crown molding, such as vaulted ceilings, because it typically will not fit or look right. If you have a room or hall that ends with another room with different ceiling height, is another situation you may not want to use crown molding.

Installing Crown Molding

1. Mark the walls and ceiling.

2. Take accurate measurements.

3. You will want to start with the longest wall and work in one direction to the right.

4. Cut and nail into place the piece with both ends are square with the wall.

5. The next sections are cut square at one end and cut at a 45-degree angle on the other.

6. Test-fit the 45-degree angle end and make adjustments as needed.

7. Spread a little glue on the wall and nail the crown molding in place with the 45-degree angle end pressed tightly against the piece of crown installed previously.

8. Fill and sand all the nail holes, then prime and paint as needed. Finally, remove the tape. 

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