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5 Key Things in Building a Guest House

5 Key Things in Building a Guest House

adding a Guest house. Kopp Construction: General Contractor - Portland,OR Area Kopp Construction is a full service General Contractor. We are a Custom Home Builder offering new home construction, remodeling, additions, and more... Services services include Custom Home Construction, Design Work & Plans, Custom Remodeling, Repairs, Additions, Commercial Building, and more.. . A kitchen photo with half the photo with design dra

Thinking about adding a GUEST HOUSE to your property? Here are a few things to think about before you start building.

1) Does your municipality have zoning requirements?

Some cities have restrictions regarding secondary dwellings on lots zoned for residential use. It’s always best to check with your municipality’s permitting office beforehand to be sure you’re in the clear.


2) What size Guest House should you build?

You want to have a good idea of what the purpose of the guest house is for, and who is planning on using it. If it is for older in-laws, you may need features that accommodate the elderly with disabilities such as ramps, wide doors, or unique bathrooms. If it is a rental, it should have all the features and amenities of a house, but just on a smaller scale. If it is for personal use and occasionally for guests, then that guesthouse likely does not need its own kitchen. Knowing your intentions behind building the guest house, it is easier to decide what features you want to be installed and how large you want to make it.


3) How will you allow for privacy?

Privacy is important to consider! Blinds and opaqued glass are an excellent option for windows and doors. If you’re concerned about noise keeping guests awake, sound-proofing might be a reasonable consideration as well.


4) The Benefits of Building a Guest House

-Additional space

-Additional income

-Future non-rental use

-Increases the value of your property


5) What type of Guest House do you want?

-Detached new construction guest houses

-Garage conversion guest houses

-Above garage or workshop guest houses

-Bump out guest houses

-Modular guest houses


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