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2 Key Factors in Building, Adding or Remodeling your dream porch

2 Key Factors in Building, Adding or Remodeling your dream porch

porch of your dreams. Kopp Construction: General Contractor - Portland,OR Area Kopp Construction is a full service General Contractor. We are a Custom Home Builder offering new home construction, remodeling, additions, and more... Services services include Custom Home Construction, Design Work & Plans, Custom Remodeling, Repairs, Additions, Commercial Building, and more.


2 key factors in building, adding or remodeling your dream porch.

1) If designing a new porch, consult an architect and licensed contractor to ensure it is designed correctly. Unlike a patio or deck, a porch is an extension of the house, and an architect knows their way around the design and structural issues that will be encountered.

2)Deciding on what type of porch.
– Open porch: this is the type most often associated with front porches, often with wide steps leading to the porch.

– Wraparound: Often seen on older homes, these porches start at the entry and literally wrap around at least one corner and side of the house; sometimes two.

– Screened porch: Popular in regions with four seasons and lots of insects (like mosquitoes) in the summer, these porches give you that fresh-air experience, even in the rain.

– Covered porch: A variation on the screened-in style, these porches are often like sunrooms, with lots of windows that open to let in the fresh air.

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