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Renovate City of Forest Grove Light and Power Building

Architectural plans called for an overall redesign and expansion of the front entry; existing meeting room; new kitchen / lunch room and creation of additional office space.

The front entry was redesigned to include a more modern and inviting facade and entryway. The new entry features double sets of glass entry doors on the expanded vestibule ensuring better energy efficiency. The inner foyer features an attractive and functional glass and wood display case that greets visitors as they enter.

A partially finished storage area and the existing meeting room were demolished and the separating walls removed in order to create the new expanded meeting room. This allowed for the creation of an expansive, modern, multi-media meeting room that now serves a multitude of functions. Custom natural cherry wood cabinets provide storage and add elegance to the new room. City Staff felt the old meeting room had been too dark. To allow natural light into the new multi-media room, a wall of windows were installed in an existing solid brick wall. Installing these windows required wrapping the windows with 1/2 inch steel framing and then trimming it out with wood casing.

The renovation re-located the kitchen within the multi-function media room for better functionality and ease of use. A light and bright kitchen space with new cabinets, counters and fixtures was created. Upgrades included adding an exhaust hood over the stove and a roll-up service door was added for food service.

Optimizing the utilization of existing space allowed 2 new spacious private offices to be built within the existing square footage.


Project Type Public Building
Client City of Forest Grove
Completion Date 2012
Project Size 2080 Square Feet
Contract Value $180,000.00

City of Forest Grove Power and Light

  • Public Utility
  • Remodel within constraints of City Budget
  • Work with City’s Architectural Plans
  • Highest Standards in Cost Control

Renovate existing City of Forest Grove building per clients plans.

  • Rebuild Facade, Vestibule and Entryway
  • Create Expansive Multi-Media Meeting Room
  • Relocate New Kitchen
  • Add 2 Private Offices
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