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Home Improvement: 6 Things You Must Consider Before Starting a Bedroom Remodel

Home Improvement: 6 Things You Must Consider Before Starting a Bedroom Remodel

Is your bedroom a cozy hideaway, take advantage of creating your cozy getaway? Here are 6 Things To Consider Starting Bedroom Remodel.

The bedroom is your cozy hideaway from all the stresses of everyday life. Over time it can become dated and no longer your private haven. Why not take advantage of creating your perfect cozy getaway? Before you buy a bunch of crown molding and buckets of paint, make sure you find out what you want and take time to plan out your bedroom remodel.

Why are you remodeling? Or What about your current bedroom that doesn’t work as is?

Is the room too dark?

Does street noise keep you awake?

More room?

A Closet?

What’s Your Style?

What kind of bedroom do you really want — a bright, airy bedroom, or a dark, cozy den of slumber?

What do you use your bedroom for? If your bedroom is not reserved for sleeping alone, then you need to take its other uses into account.

Do you use your bedroom more than sleeping in?

Is it also your office?

Your movie theater?

What is your budget?

The cost can be between $5,000 and 10,000, but do not worry about the resale value you will be well worth the money.

If you plan on building an en-suite bathroom, then you need to think about the cost to remodel a bathroom.

Apply for building permits. Not completing this step will hurt your resale value.

Finally, think about where you will sleep until the remodeling is completed.

Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom should be the one that focuses on comfort. If you are trying to improve the value of your home, you should still select items to make the space warm, invite, and comfortable. This means to look for a relaxing color scheme, warm flooring, and enough space so that your bedroom doesn’t feel like a cave.

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